Jul 27, 2008

delicious hobby

i'm taking cooking lessons. from my mom and my grandmom.. its been my sunday ritual for the past month or so.. and im learning some nice south-indian dishes, esp. from my granma...

its really fun to cook actually, but my mom says i feel that way only coz its the beginning.. after a few years i'll get bored of it. that's probably true. but for now, it is a nice feeling to cook something different every week, and my family is waiting for what im going to make the next sunday, there's a discussion around it, there are some requests, frantic searching for ingredients, old notebooks with recipies scribbled in some unfathomable language.. its a fun event.. i get to take a break from the week-long regimen of "healthy-food".. and i can make out the family really enjoys it and looks forward to it as well. it kind of makes sundays into fun, family days.

i guess its true that the happiness of a home largely depends on the woman of the home. how well she maintains it and provides for the family. i mean, men can be responsible in terms of earning money and stuff, but when it comes to a happy, homely home.. its totally in the woman's hand. no offense to feminists, but im kind of proud of this talent that we women have.. and i think that we should really rejoice it. i know its hard for working women, to juggle everything, but i'd certainly like to give it my best shot.. until i get bored of it like my mom says.. haha!

another great thing about cooking is that its fun to cook for people who really enjoy eating. its like, if u try 10 different varieties, but the response is the same everytime (no response), you really dont feel like it. but for people who love food and appreciate a variety of flavours, its really worth the effort. cooking is a kind of service.. u dont cook for yourself, you never really cook for yourself. or even if u do, ur heart isnt in it. when its for someone else its always more fun.

so far i've learnt the following dishes:
  • bagara baingan - this is a nice brinjal gravy dish i learnt from my grandma. but its a little tedious.
  • china rice - again from my granny. sounds unusual i know, it think its her own invention. everyone in my family absolutely adores this dish. really yummy.
  • sodhi - this is a typical south indian dish, its a kind of stew with vegetables cooked in coconut milk.. absolutely awesome. learnt it from my mom.
  • vangi bath - or that's what i think its called. rice with brinjals mixed into it. i think its a kannada dish but im not sure. i love it.
going forth, i'll try to post recipies of some of the nice dishes i learn along with pics. hope it would be useful to somebody..

Jul 23, 2008

Long time no blog.. i've gotten unbelievably lazy.. well not anymore. I'm going to make it a point to blog atleast once a week.. i think.. hehe..

i think i've got writer's block again.. plus im not well today.. i think i slept for the longest time ever.. lets see.. i went to bet at 11.30 last night and woke up at 2pm this afternoon.. that's 14.5 hrs. well, no i haven't broken my record which is 16 hours of non-stop sleep.. mmm.. i'll never forget that.. it was the best sleep ever..

i dont feel like i sound like myself for some reason.. i think its the writer's block.. no inspiration and no ideas flowing..

i think i'll try again some other time..