Apr 23, 2009

silent sojourn..

so i got another request for a topic. this one from my dear friend baba. it goes like this:

baba: crazy freaky stag
Sent at 12:04 PM on Wednesday
sumitra: crazy baba man
Sent at 12:14 PM on Wednesday
baba: hehe awesome.. i read all ur latest posts
i liked the one about music
music especially.. i can't imagine my life without music
it'd come to a grinding halt
it's the beat that wakes me up in the morning, and the melody that puts me to sleep at night.. and everything in between
so here's a topic.. write about ur goals, dreams, hopes, aspirations and ambitions.. so u have a written record.. give them timelines and mention which ones are short term and long/longer term :)

"baba: crazy freaky stag"
if ur wondering about this name that has been attributed to me, that's another story and a long one at that. need 2-3 posts to describe the whole thing, may be some day i'll sit down and do it.

so, about what baba has asked me to write. I can't write everything right now, right here. But I promise to do so in a few day's time. It's a promise to myself.

Because I'm embarking upon a journey. A journey that will hopefully answer my questions and confusions, help me see who I really am, and what it is I really need to, want to do.

A week I'll be gone. and then I'll be back, hopefully energized and ready to go. Wherever it is that I've discovered that I need to go.

Before I go, I must mention how this would have not been possible without the love and support of my dear, beloved, darling, Murali. I would have never had the courage if not for him.

So, so long. this is not goodbye.. Wish me luck for my week ahead!

Apr 22, 2009


so i thought instead of finding a topic of my own, why not ask one of my first and oldest readers for topic ideas. this was the precise conversation:

sumitra: hey
tell me a topic that u have wanted to read about for a long time.
but never found anything interesting
pickle: something written abt me
sumitra: haha good one
pickle: seriously bole to bhi problem
sumitra: ok ok fine
lemme c what i can do
pickle: hmmm

ok.. now u must be wonderin about pickle. he used to call me pumitra (goodness knows why!) and hence i used to call him pickle (lame stuff) and the name is still stuck like that on my gtalk coz im too lazy to change it.. ok ok..this post is going to be about nikhil.. not me, so no rambling.

1.When i first met Nikhil, I was insanely jealous of him.

why you ask? Well, if a guy can down 2 pizzas a day with 2-3 cokes and then some burgers, and then some maggi noodles, and then say, 'bas hain, mujhe ghar jaake khaana hain,' and still manage to remain super thin..... well now u know why.

2. When I had a crush on Murali, Nikhil asked me to ask him to go shoe-shopping with me.

again, why you ask? no idea. some guy stuff. i thought it was a dumb idea at the time, but i took a chance and did it. (this was before i knew how murali felt about me, we were just friends). and it worked! no, we did not end up going shoe-shopping together, coz murali was sleeping and din't answer his phone.. but then he called me back later that night.. and we talked and talked.. and one thing led to another.. hehe :D

p.s. over the past years, i have seen nikhil counsel several ppl under relationship-distress.

3. nikhil is my movie-buddy.

we've gone to several movies together, so.

4. nikhil is easy to be with, a fun guy, everybody knows that about him. he's crazy about his gf.. well everybody knows that about him too.

5. he's a good friend, one you would like to have around on a rainy day. a person who enjoys his life a lot and makes sure you will too if you're around him!

there. i've been wanting to write him an Orkut testimonial since long, so now i guess i can just do some copy-pasting! :D

note: if any of my readers would like to read about any topic in particluar, please feel free to make a request. drop me a comment and i'll try to make something out of it!

Apr 21, 2009

sumitra on Google

just for time pass I googled 'sumitra'. Not that I expected to find myself anywhere, coz I don't really have much of an online presence. Here's some interesting stuff I found:

  • sumitra in Hindu Mythology. (Point to note: 'wisest'. he he.)
  • sumitra in travel! this is one is really awesome, an indian travel group exclusively for women.
  • sumitra in cooking.. mmm.. some mouth-watering indian dishes here.
  • another singer sumitra, an upcoming, fiesty one looks like!
An observation I can make is that most of these Sumitras seem to be artsy kind of ppl, more into creative stuff, kind of like me too a bit. does it come from the name? or is it just a coincidence? I wonder.. hmm..

P.S. this is one of the weirdest one's I found.. "baby birth prediction counsellor" what in the world is that?!!

Apr 18, 2009

Random Thought #4641

A talented writer is a person who may have nothing to say and no opinion, but can cook up something about their lack of ideas and still keep you reading.

No offense to people who actually have things to say and write them well, but the above mentioned talent must be acknowledged, is it not?

Apr 17, 2009

Voting Blues..

Each time I get to glance at my left hand, the streak of ink across my forefinger makes me feel proud of myself. No, I didn't do anything super-natural or out of this world. But I did do something that can make a tiny small, difference. I cast my vote!!

Not that it was a very smooth experience. I guess that's what makes me even more happy to have managed the feat. When we reached the polling station, we were asked to check for our names and get the polling slips after which we could vote. Much to our disappointment,we found the sheets containing the names of voters were strewn all over the place, even on the ground. Not only was there no one to organize the sheets and hand them out in order, the public who had gathered there were making matters much worse by shouting their heads off. For a moment it seemed to me as though I could never find my name in that mess. I thought that my desire to vote would not be fulfilled after all. However, we did pick up some papers and started to search and thankfully after a while and some difficulty we were able to find our names. Thank God! After that everything was pretty simple. There wasn't even much of a queue.

I did feel bad and am still feeling that way for one thing, though. When I saw that mess, I did feel a bit irritated like the rest of the voters gathered there. However, after a few minutes, I realized that people were just whining for nothing. True, there were no volunteers or officials to look over the matter, but it was a pretty simple administrative job. I thought it would have taken me no time to round up some volunteers, pick up all the papers and sort them out according to the numbers so the people coming next would find it easier. After all, don't I have that much responsibility towards my own city?

I really wanted to, but I couldn't do it. I don't know if that's what is called cowardice, but one look at the angry mob frightened me. I felt that if I tried to put sense into these people, they would have had my head for it. The fact that no one was doing anything and just cribbing is so reflective of the problems our country is still facing these days.. And its even more disappointing to me that I could do nothing but watch.

I guess I need some serious lessons in courage. Or guts.. or whatever. Where do you get them from anyway?

Apr 16, 2009

a work in progress...

hey.. so im back after a long hiatus.

is anyone wondering where i've been? tsking away that i've once again become lazy to blog? well.. tsk no more, coz i have actually been working on my blog as is evident.

it still needs a bit of tweaking here and there, however its mostly done. and ready to be unveiled to the world outside! ahem.. sounds a bit pompous i agree.

so.. whats different about my blog now, you ask? (in case you aren't able to make out).. here are the main changes:

1. i now have my own domain!! yipee something i wanted to do since forever. my blog is still hosted out of blogspot, so no worries, my 5 followers can still follow me wherever i go and whatever i write. :D

2. after considerable deliberation and hours of searching, i finally found a look for my blog i can get along with. hope you all like it.

3. hopefully in the future i'll try making the blog more fun and more readable. stay tuned!

please do comment and let me know how u like it!!!