Feb 27, 2008

Sometimes i wonder...

is god is a school kid.. and this whole universe, a science project..

its amazing how we are a tinier than tiny, miniscule part of the universe, and yet how complicated we can make our daily lives and get so engrossed in it so that we have no time to ponder at how mysterious and beautiful everything is around us..

were all the avatars of Lord Rama the same concept of animagi in harry potter? was Rama a wizard who had magical powers to transform himself into animals and strange creatures?

who stood this very spot that i am at right now, a 1000 years ago? could it have been me in a different life??

does my soul know the soul of the stranger who sits beside me in a crowded bus? do we acknowledge each other without the mind knowing it?

what if god came here right now.. and told me that fate does not exist and it was me who wrote my entire life's story before i was born.. and i chose all the people i would meet and circumstances that i'm in right now.. (hehe.. what was i thinking??!)

what if a father disowned his son for wanting to be a doctor and not an actor..

would this world be the same place if kids were taught to follow their dreams instead of the marks of the neighbour's kid..

is there a secret book that categorically defines all the actions termed as 'right'.. and those called 'wrong'..

if a child spelt 'life' as 'liph'.. and was given a star for understanding the meaning..

what if we all felt that true freedom is freedom from the conditioning of the mind to see the world in a certain way.. what if we decided to break free of the chains of conditioning..

is it really true that the beauty of this world lies in its ability to show itself to us exactly the way we see it.. and hence we have the power to create whatever we fancy around us..

what if we discovered that we really have that power..

are we so conditioned that we would find it easier to accept 'karma' and not bother to use the power..

or would we leave the 'intelligent' scientists to use the power to create gadgets that make us more conditioned..

is it true that we must always 'fear' god..

is it true that we must ignore the fact that we could never have had a sense of humour if god did not have one in the first place..

are we supposed to be ignoring the possibility that all this world put together is actually God, and we have the power to create.. and we might be using all our power to create a future of destruction through hate, violence and negative competition..

are these valid wonderings.. do they have real answers? or just a million other questions in response....

Feb 24, 2008

Ooooooooooo Noooooorieeeeeeeeeeee.........

Yesterday was such a crazy crazy day..well what else can i expect being with baba.. Freaky-Freakenstein he is.. keeps trying to scare me with his weird stunts.. but he never can.. (welll.. almost never can.. hehe)

yeah.. so last night was crazy.. me, baba and sai anna were supposed to go out to dinner from neetu's place.. so we happily got ready.. and happily locked the door.. and baba was trying to imitate the lift's lady voice which i still think he should not have done.. and we happily got into the lift.. and for less than a fraction of a second i got this weird thought that something stupid might happen.. and then i dismissed it.. and we got in, closed the door, pressed '0', started moving.. and thennnnnn......... Power Cut!!!! Lift stuck and us stuck in the lift.. and we had no idea where the lift was.. kinda looked like it was in-between two floors.. but it was too dark.. and me and sai anna are like.. oh shit what now and stuff.. and what does baba do?? He has to do something mad right..starts screaming realll loud.. 'OOOOOOOOOOOO Nooooooooorie Noooooooooooooooorie..' and tried making all weird spooky ghost noises to scare me.. (which he didnt anyway).. and me and sai anna were trying to shut him up.. so the situation was something like this...

Big apartment building, no power, totally dark(duh..), totally silent.. ppl in their homes.. one elevator, 3 ppl stuck in it, one screaming like a banshee and the other 2 screaming to shut him up.. well it was freaky and funny at the same time.. an then one of us (dun remember who) got the common sense to get some light from the mobile (it wasnt baba).. and realised we really were stuck in between 2 floors.. and we could try to climb out if we could just get the outer door open.. which had to be done by pushing some kind of lever that we couldnt reach.. so we were there.. baba screaming still.. me and sai anna wondering how long we would be in there.. hungry... and then all of a sudden..... we saw a light.. yellow light.. candle light.. coming up the stairs.. and with the light.. a little boy.. in shorts.. coming closer to the lift.. slow small steps.. came really really close till we could see his face in the candle light.. all went silent.. (yes even baba).. and then the voice of the scared little boy.. "kaun hai... kaun hai.." and then.. the 3 of us were like.. "help! help! we're stuck.. help help!" and the poor boy got scared all the more.. haha.. by this time a lot of ppl were coming out of their homes to see what the ruckus was all about.. and we shouted for help somemore.. and ppl came with their torches peering into the lift to see what was stuck.. i guess they wouldnt help until they were sure it wasnt really a ghost in the lift.. and then ppl realised they had to help us out.. and then figured out were the emergency lever was.. and then a real smart-ass lady tried to push the lever with a stick from the broom.. which obviously broke.. and then finally someone got an iron rod.. and we managed to scramble out of the lift.. and as sooooooooooon as we got out........... guess what.. that very second.. the power came back on!! freaky..

i still think it was because baba offended the lift-lady.. and she had some fun of her own....

And then we finally got to dinner.. and so did meenal.. this place called Terrace Bay.. was pretty good.. and during dinner i came to a conclusion that baba is racist!! Towards drinks. I'll explain. So meenal ordered this blue mocktail..which was actually pretty good and baba thinks that.. if guys are seen with blue colored drinks.. that makes them look gay!! or for that matter pink, green or any other colored drinks.. the only okay ones are colorless or yellow colored.. which i totally do not agree with.. coz i think ppl should be free to drink whatever they choose without any tags attached.. but baba and sai anna say that if a guy in a pub has a blue drink in his hand that automatically looks gay.. so that makes them drink-racists.!!

well..i guess ppl have a right to choose their drinks and also their opinions.. so.. whatever...

Feb 19, 2008

Reeelaxation Redefined............

I had the most amaaaaaaaaazing weekend.. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......

I think i found a place that gives the best massages ever.. okay maybe there are better places, but its the best ive ever been to.. before i thought i just liked massages but now i just love them!!!
So i got a free massage.. hehe.. maybe that's why i liked it so much..

I'm not really sure what type of massage it was.. it wasnt the actual massage itself i think that was great.. more like the whole ambience and the way i was treated.. the staff were so curteous, first i got to relax on this nice soft-soft couch.. and i was served fresh watermelon juice.. twas kind of diluted but still.. pretty good.. and then i got to change into a nice soft fluffy robe.. and the actual massage room was really good.. dim lights, soft music.. (there's a lot of softs i know..) and i was made to sit in the room by this chinese lady (im not sure if she was chinese.. oriental i could say..) and my feet were washed!! that's their way of welcoming the guests supposedly.. or maybe a way of making sure their sheets dint get too dirty.. hehe.. and then the actual massage.. that was just heavenly.. and then the steam bath... that was just.. well.. actually... that was kind of.. what can i say... scary... hehe.. i know!! weird right???? what's so scary about a steam bath.. right?? well i guess im such a weirdo and my mind suddenly decides to make up crazy stuff for no reason..

so.. im in the steam bath room area.. note that im alone in there.. and im just sitting there.. getting steamed.. minding my own business.. thinking of the nice massage.. feeling great.. and all of a sudden.. something at the back of my mind just has to play spoilt sport.. so.. im thinking of the massage.. and i rememberd the 'oriental' lady.. and her face.. and then this image of the ghost from 'The Ring' pops into my mind from absolutely nowhere!!! And i just.. totally freaked out.. like where did that come from?! and then.. no matter what i tried.. i just couldnt get the image out of my head.. i had this feeling like that lady was going to appear out of the steam or something.. taking revenge for making her decendants do massages.. some crazy thoughts.. at this point i actually wanted to get out.. i know it sounds crazy now.. but then i was actually scared.. i have no idea why.. so i was a little embarassed to go running out of the room.. so i just stayed there in this way that reminded me of those school days where they used to say on-your-marks-get-set-go thingy... and then the lady.. (not the ring lady) came and said the time was up.. so i thankfully got out..

then there was a shower.. and then relaxing again.. and i got this really cool..(actually warm) herbal tea stuff that was so yummy.. and then it was over :( but really fun!!! twas a nice way to just chill and de-stress and get this forget-the-rest-of-this-world feeling.. im really looking forward to doing this again.. though next time i think i'll choose the sauna and not the steam bath hehe..

Feb 11, 2008

Khalil Gibran on Marriage.....

This is one of my all-time favourites....

Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

Give your hearts, but not into each other's keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other's shadow.

Feb 10, 2008


Does it come after me.. or is it my chosen path? I cannot deny that there is strange comfort in the world of the unspoken, in the realm of the unsaid.. a comfort that words can never offer..

Is it just easier to be silent? Or is it less interesting to speak? What would one do, if their silence is more accepted than their speech? Would silence then be a choice?

What happens when all is silent? Where do we all go? Does one visit the secret places of desire and fantasy where all that was forbidden is suddenly acceptable? Is silence then, a means to dream of something that one can never hope to acheive in the world of speech?

Does one relive one's worst fears and horrors in those few moments when nothing is said? Do people think of what brings them joy, a loved one? Where do people go when they say nothing?

Do they penalize their own selves for past mistakes they can never forgive? Do they think of the future and fear what they will be?

Is this what people do when silent? Worry, fear, fret, fantasize.. No wonder speech is more acceptable than silence..

Silence is shunned, ridiculed.. Noone can take it, nobody knows how to handle it.. Is it true that thoughts are more dangerous than words? Is silence then.. a mere lack of speech? Can a million unstoppable thoughts in the mind be collectively termed as silence?

Words have failed me.. failed to help convey what i really want to say.. Silence is where i take comfort.. But.. is this really silence? My thoughts cannot be muted even though my voice can.. Does true silence then.. really exist?


I’m writing this out of what I have seen, heard, felt, experienced and read..
Life is not a lesson. You are not here to learn anything. Life is an opportunity, for you to feel and experience and know who you really are. It is God’s way of helping you remember what you have forgotten about yourself.
Have you ever felt the sudden urge to do something in particular? Like eating an ice cream in the middle of the night, or to go off somewhere on a long long walk.. maybe on a beach.. or to watch the sun rise in silence..?
That is your soul asking you for the experience that God sent you here to have. Often you are caught up in the mundane tasks of life, like earning money, being successful, and fulfilling the dreams of others, that you end up ignoring the needs of your soul.
You and only you, can listen to the desires of your soul, and make them come true. You are your own fairy God-mother. You cannot wait for another to come up and give you the things you are waiting for. Just as well, you cannot blame another for robbing you of the right to please your soul.
Life and God are about love and pleasure. Remember the last time you were so happy that you could not keep a smile off your face? That is the ultimate state of being, and you must always strive to keep your soul that happy. When you feel the urge to love someone, it happens for a reason. It is your opportunity to give yourself the experience. It is your opportunity to pamper your soul. Love is the highest expression of who you are, and thwarting that feeling is like an insult to the gift of God.
I think that God never created a right and a wrong. In God’s world, there is only opportunity, and what you experience out of it. That is how God meant you to live. To be free to make your choices and to be free to live through them. Can you think of a time when you chose to do something even though you were told it was wrong by others, but nothing bad ever happened to you, like you were told it would? That’s because God doesn’t really mind any choice you make. God wants you to make a choice and thereby find out more about who you are. Unfortunately, the people around you have forgotten about this, and go on about right, wrong, and fearing God, and create their own notions about what should and should not be done.
Sometime in life will come a situation when your soul wants you to experience something, but certain events, people and circumstances stop you from having it. What then is the best thing to do? Should you go ahead with what you want and hurt the people around you? Or do you sacrifice your yearning for them?
I have done a lot of thinking about this. My conclusion is that you must be selfish for your yearnings, but never at the cost of deeply injuring the feelings of another. Nothing gained at the cost of hurting another living being, can be called a wholesome gain at all. Again, this is not God’s choice, this is only my opinion. But if you were to give up your yearning, it is a gain for the other at the cost of hurting your own feelings, which can hardly be called a wholesome gain either… Then what is to be done?
My answer is this: when you know you want something, never give it up. Never take any rash or drastic decisions either. Do what Mahatma Gandhi did several years ago. He dreamt of a free India and kept at it persistently until the dream was true. And finally it was. When I know I want something, I talk about it to the people who will be affected by my decision. They may not understand the first time, but I will keep saying it again and again, repeatedly, until a time will come when they will finally see the light. I find out what their fears are and make sure their questions are answered. They will finally see why something means so much to me, and they will finally be able to let go of the fears that are holding them back….
When you know you want something, keep talking about it. Keep thinking about it. It will definitely be true. Dreams do come true. All you need is to dare to dream. And dare to make them true.