Feb 19, 2008

Reeelaxation Redefined............

I had the most amaaaaaaaaazing weekend.. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm......

I think i found a place that gives the best massages ever.. okay maybe there are better places, but its the best ive ever been to.. before i thought i just liked massages but now i just love them!!!
So i got a free massage.. hehe.. maybe that's why i liked it so much..

I'm not really sure what type of massage it was.. it wasnt the actual massage itself i think that was great.. more like the whole ambience and the way i was treated.. the staff were so curteous, first i got to relax on this nice soft-soft couch.. and i was served fresh watermelon juice.. twas kind of diluted but still.. pretty good.. and then i got to change into a nice soft fluffy robe.. and the actual massage room was really good.. dim lights, soft music.. (there's a lot of softs i know..) and i was made to sit in the room by this chinese lady (im not sure if she was chinese.. oriental i could say..) and my feet were washed!! that's their way of welcoming the guests supposedly.. or maybe a way of making sure their sheets dint get too dirty.. hehe.. and then the actual massage.. that was just heavenly.. and then the steam bath... that was just.. well.. actually... that was kind of.. what can i say... scary... hehe.. i know!! weird right???? what's so scary about a steam bath.. right?? well i guess im such a weirdo and my mind suddenly decides to make up crazy stuff for no reason..

so.. im in the steam bath room area.. note that im alone in there.. and im just sitting there.. getting steamed.. minding my own business.. thinking of the nice massage.. feeling great.. and all of a sudden.. something at the back of my mind just has to play spoilt sport.. so.. im thinking of the massage.. and i rememberd the 'oriental' lady.. and her face.. and then this image of the ghost from 'The Ring' pops into my mind from absolutely nowhere!!! And i just.. totally freaked out.. like where did that come from?! and then.. no matter what i tried.. i just couldnt get the image out of my head.. i had this feeling like that lady was going to appear out of the steam or something.. taking revenge for making her decendants do massages.. some crazy thoughts.. at this point i actually wanted to get out.. i know it sounds crazy now.. but then i was actually scared.. i have no idea why.. so i was a little embarassed to go running out of the room.. so i just stayed there in this way that reminded me of those school days where they used to say on-your-marks-get-set-go thingy... and then the lady.. (not the ring lady) came and said the time was up.. so i thankfully got out..

then there was a shower.. and then relaxing again.. and i got this really cool..(actually warm) herbal tea stuff that was so yummy.. and then it was over :( but really fun!!! twas a nice way to just chill and de-stress and get this forget-the-rest-of-this-world feeling.. im really looking forward to doing this again.. though next time i think i'll choose the sauna and not the steam bath hehe..

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