Feb 27, 2008

Sometimes i wonder...

is god is a school kid.. and this whole universe, a science project..

its amazing how we are a tinier than tiny, miniscule part of the universe, and yet how complicated we can make our daily lives and get so engrossed in it so that we have no time to ponder at how mysterious and beautiful everything is around us..

were all the avatars of Lord Rama the same concept of animagi in harry potter? was Rama a wizard who had magical powers to transform himself into animals and strange creatures?

who stood this very spot that i am at right now, a 1000 years ago? could it have been me in a different life??

does my soul know the soul of the stranger who sits beside me in a crowded bus? do we acknowledge each other without the mind knowing it?

what if god came here right now.. and told me that fate does not exist and it was me who wrote my entire life's story before i was born.. and i chose all the people i would meet and circumstances that i'm in right now.. (hehe.. what was i thinking??!)

what if a father disowned his son for wanting to be a doctor and not an actor..

would this world be the same place if kids were taught to follow their dreams instead of the marks of the neighbour's kid..

is there a secret book that categorically defines all the actions termed as 'right'.. and those called 'wrong'..

if a child spelt 'life' as 'liph'.. and was given a star for understanding the meaning..

what if we all felt that true freedom is freedom from the conditioning of the mind to see the world in a certain way.. what if we decided to break free of the chains of conditioning..

is it really true that the beauty of this world lies in its ability to show itself to us exactly the way we see it.. and hence we have the power to create whatever we fancy around us..

what if we discovered that we really have that power..

are we so conditioned that we would find it easier to accept 'karma' and not bother to use the power..

or would we leave the 'intelligent' scientists to use the power to create gadgets that make us more conditioned..

is it true that we must always 'fear' god..

is it true that we must ignore the fact that we could never have had a sense of humour if god did not have one in the first place..

are we supposed to be ignoring the possibility that all this world put together is actually God, and we have the power to create.. and we might be using all our power to create a future of destruction through hate, violence and negative competition..

are these valid wonderings.. do they have real answers? or just a million other questions in response....


  1. this blog apts ur title Eternally confused.

  2. I guess the misspelt IF in the start says it all