Feb 10, 2008


I’m writing this out of what I have seen, heard, felt, experienced and read..
Life is not a lesson. You are not here to learn anything. Life is an opportunity, for you to feel and experience and know who you really are. It is God’s way of helping you remember what you have forgotten about yourself.
Have you ever felt the sudden urge to do something in particular? Like eating an ice cream in the middle of the night, or to go off somewhere on a long long walk.. maybe on a beach.. or to watch the sun rise in silence..?
That is your soul asking you for the experience that God sent you here to have. Often you are caught up in the mundane tasks of life, like earning money, being successful, and fulfilling the dreams of others, that you end up ignoring the needs of your soul.
You and only you, can listen to the desires of your soul, and make them come true. You are your own fairy God-mother. You cannot wait for another to come up and give you the things you are waiting for. Just as well, you cannot blame another for robbing you of the right to please your soul.
Life and God are about love and pleasure. Remember the last time you were so happy that you could not keep a smile off your face? That is the ultimate state of being, and you must always strive to keep your soul that happy. When you feel the urge to love someone, it happens for a reason. It is your opportunity to give yourself the experience. It is your opportunity to pamper your soul. Love is the highest expression of who you are, and thwarting that feeling is like an insult to the gift of God.
I think that God never created a right and a wrong. In God’s world, there is only opportunity, and what you experience out of it. That is how God meant you to live. To be free to make your choices and to be free to live through them. Can you think of a time when you chose to do something even though you were told it was wrong by others, but nothing bad ever happened to you, like you were told it would? That’s because God doesn’t really mind any choice you make. God wants you to make a choice and thereby find out more about who you are. Unfortunately, the people around you have forgotten about this, and go on about right, wrong, and fearing God, and create their own notions about what should and should not be done.
Sometime in life will come a situation when your soul wants you to experience something, but certain events, people and circumstances stop you from having it. What then is the best thing to do? Should you go ahead with what you want and hurt the people around you? Or do you sacrifice your yearning for them?
I have done a lot of thinking about this. My conclusion is that you must be selfish for your yearnings, but never at the cost of deeply injuring the feelings of another. Nothing gained at the cost of hurting another living being, can be called a wholesome gain at all. Again, this is not God’s choice, this is only my opinion. But if you were to give up your yearning, it is a gain for the other at the cost of hurting your own feelings, which can hardly be called a wholesome gain either… Then what is to be done?
My answer is this: when you know you want something, never give it up. Never take any rash or drastic decisions either. Do what Mahatma Gandhi did several years ago. He dreamt of a free India and kept at it persistently until the dream was true. And finally it was. When I know I want something, I talk about it to the people who will be affected by my decision. They may not understand the first time, but I will keep saying it again and again, repeatedly, until a time will come when they will finally see the light. I find out what their fears are and make sure their questions are answered. They will finally see why something means so much to me, and they will finally be able to let go of the fears that are holding them back….
When you know you want something, keep talking about it. Keep thinking about it. It will definitely be true. Dreams do come true. All you need is to dare to dream. And dare to make them true.


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