Feb 10, 2008


Does it come after me.. or is it my chosen path? I cannot deny that there is strange comfort in the world of the unspoken, in the realm of the unsaid.. a comfort that words can never offer..

Is it just easier to be silent? Or is it less interesting to speak? What would one do, if their silence is more accepted than their speech? Would silence then be a choice?

What happens when all is silent? Where do we all go? Does one visit the secret places of desire and fantasy where all that was forbidden is suddenly acceptable? Is silence then, a means to dream of something that one can never hope to acheive in the world of speech?

Does one relive one's worst fears and horrors in those few moments when nothing is said? Do people think of what brings them joy, a loved one? Where do people go when they say nothing?

Do they penalize their own selves for past mistakes they can never forgive? Do they think of the future and fear what they will be?

Is this what people do when silent? Worry, fear, fret, fantasize.. No wonder speech is more acceptable than silence..

Silence is shunned, ridiculed.. Noone can take it, nobody knows how to handle it.. Is it true that thoughts are more dangerous than words? Is silence then.. a mere lack of speech? Can a million unstoppable thoughts in the mind be collectively termed as silence?

Words have failed me.. failed to help convey what i really want to say.. Silence is where i take comfort.. But.. is this really silence? My thoughts cannot be muted even though my voice can.. Does true silence then.. really exist?


  1. high hopes lady.....now that u r in our team which is evidently LOUD,please speak up or u will get lost in oblivion:)

  2. Whatta read...loved the way the thoughts have been penned. :)