Apr 16, 2009

a work in progress...

hey.. so im back after a long hiatus.

is anyone wondering where i've been? tsking away that i've once again become lazy to blog? well.. tsk no more, coz i have actually been working on my blog as is evident.

it still needs a bit of tweaking here and there, however its mostly done. and ready to be unveiled to the world outside! ahem.. sounds a bit pompous i agree.

so.. whats different about my blog now, you ask? (in case you aren't able to make out).. here are the main changes:

1. i now have my own domain!! yipee something i wanted to do since forever. my blog is still hosted out of blogspot, so no worries, my 5 followers can still follow me wherever i go and whatever i write. :D

2. after considerable deliberation and hours of searching, i finally found a look for my blog i can get along with. hope you all like it.

3. hopefully in the future i'll try making the blog more fun and more readable. stay tuned!

please do comment and let me know how u like it!!!


  1. Is it just me or its all white? :) I love simplicity :) Wish you'd add more features as you go along...

    Opps...it just loaded completely :D :D

    Its real neat..Gisele does well again :)

    Keep writing :)

  2. hey sumi..
    damn good look ..i m so happy tht u sat and did everything on ur own..so good efforts ..and amazing results..
    rock on..

  3. forgot to mention ..the blog truly looks like urs...full of energy ..and refreshing.. and sweet as well...yet simple..

  4. wow.. im so glad that everyone likes it!
    darshana, thank you so much, that is a very sweet thing to say!