Apr 23, 2009

silent sojourn..

so i got another request for a topic. this one from my dear friend baba. it goes like this:

baba: crazy freaky stag
Sent at 12:04 PM on Wednesday
sumitra: crazy baba man
Sent at 12:14 PM on Wednesday
baba: hehe awesome.. i read all ur latest posts
i liked the one about music
music especially.. i can't imagine my life without music
it'd come to a grinding halt
it's the beat that wakes me up in the morning, and the melody that puts me to sleep at night.. and everything in between
so here's a topic.. write about ur goals, dreams, hopes, aspirations and ambitions.. so u have a written record.. give them timelines and mention which ones are short term and long/longer term :)

"baba: crazy freaky stag"
if ur wondering about this name that has been attributed to me, that's another story and a long one at that. need 2-3 posts to describe the whole thing, may be some day i'll sit down and do it.

so, about what baba has asked me to write. I can't write everything right now, right here. But I promise to do so in a few day's time. It's a promise to myself.

Because I'm embarking upon a journey. A journey that will hopefully answer my questions and confusions, help me see who I really am, and what it is I really need to, want to do.

A week I'll be gone. and then I'll be back, hopefully energized and ready to go. Wherever it is that I've discovered that I need to go.

Before I go, I must mention how this would have not been possible without the love and support of my dear, beloved, darling, Murali. I would have never had the courage if not for him.

So, so long. this is not goodbye.. Wish me luck for my week ahead!


  1. whats there in the week ahead??
    whatever it is ..i m sure u r gonna rock..
    and ALL the best!

  2. Almost a year ago I got a beautiful comment from you.. I was checking my previous comments and found yours...just drop here to see how are you..

    God bless and peace!

  3. I do read your blog(of course after few reminders)

    p:s) expecting a new wife in a week's time :-)