Apr 22, 2009


so i thought instead of finding a topic of my own, why not ask one of my first and oldest readers for topic ideas. this was the precise conversation:

sumitra: hey
tell me a topic that u have wanted to read about for a long time.
but never found anything interesting
pickle: something written abt me
sumitra: haha good one
pickle: seriously bole to bhi problem
sumitra: ok ok fine
lemme c what i can do
pickle: hmmm

ok.. now u must be wonderin about pickle. he used to call me pumitra (goodness knows why!) and hence i used to call him pickle (lame stuff) and the name is still stuck like that on my gtalk coz im too lazy to change it.. ok ok..this post is going to be about nikhil.. not me, so no rambling.

1.When i first met Nikhil, I was insanely jealous of him.

why you ask? Well, if a guy can down 2 pizzas a day with 2-3 cokes and then some burgers, and then some maggi noodles, and then say, 'bas hain, mujhe ghar jaake khaana hain,' and still manage to remain super thin..... well now u know why.

2. When I had a crush on Murali, Nikhil asked me to ask him to go shoe-shopping with me.

again, why you ask? no idea. some guy stuff. i thought it was a dumb idea at the time, but i took a chance and did it. (this was before i knew how murali felt about me, we were just friends). and it worked! no, we did not end up going shoe-shopping together, coz murali was sleeping and din't answer his phone.. but then he called me back later that night.. and we talked and talked.. and one thing led to another.. hehe :D

p.s. over the past years, i have seen nikhil counsel several ppl under relationship-distress.

3. nikhil is my movie-buddy.

we've gone to several movies together, so.

4. nikhil is easy to be with, a fun guy, everybody knows that about him. he's crazy about his gf.. well everybody knows that about him too.

5. he's a good friend, one you would like to have around on a rainy day. a person who enjoys his life a lot and makes sure you will too if you're around him!

there. i've been wanting to write him an Orkut testimonial since long, so now i guess i can just do some copy-pasting! :D

note: if any of my readers would like to read about any topic in particluar, please feel free to make a request. drop me a comment and i'll try to make something out of it!


  1. wowwooo!!
    i have thissssssssssssssssss biggggggggggg smile after reading this..

    and just wondering how come i never ended up writing about him..

    thanks sumi..for giving me the topic.. :P

    lovely post though..

  2. Thank you for the testimonial :D

  3. Wow!! I couldnt have put it better....:)

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  5. Good one sumi !!!! I dont agree with he being super thin now a days..... ;)