Apr 17, 2009

Voting Blues..

Each time I get to glance at my left hand, the streak of ink across my forefinger makes me feel proud of myself. No, I didn't do anything super-natural or out of this world. But I did do something that can make a tiny small, difference. I cast my vote!!

Not that it was a very smooth experience. I guess that's what makes me even more happy to have managed the feat. When we reached the polling station, we were asked to check for our names and get the polling slips after which we could vote. Much to our disappointment,we found the sheets containing the names of voters were strewn all over the place, even on the ground. Not only was there no one to organize the sheets and hand them out in order, the public who had gathered there were making matters much worse by shouting their heads off. For a moment it seemed to me as though I could never find my name in that mess. I thought that my desire to vote would not be fulfilled after all. However, we did pick up some papers and started to search and thankfully after a while and some difficulty we were able to find our names. Thank God! After that everything was pretty simple. There wasn't even much of a queue.

I did feel bad and am still feeling that way for one thing, though. When I saw that mess, I did feel a bit irritated like the rest of the voters gathered there. However, after a few minutes, I realized that people were just whining for nothing. True, there were no volunteers or officials to look over the matter, but it was a pretty simple administrative job. I thought it would have taken me no time to round up some volunteers, pick up all the papers and sort them out according to the numbers so the people coming next would find it easier. After all, don't I have that much responsibility towards my own city?

I really wanted to, but I couldn't do it. I don't know if that's what is called cowardice, but one look at the angry mob frightened me. I felt that if I tried to put sense into these people, they would have had my head for it. The fact that no one was doing anything and just cribbing is so reflective of the problems our country is still facing these days.. And its even more disappointing to me that I could do nothing but watch.

I guess I need some serious lessons in courage. Or guts.. or whatever. Where do you get them from anyway?

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  1. Sumi, Valid rants. I think everyone wants to make a difference but not everyone has that courage. A few days ago even I had posted a blog about not being able to do something about an injustice I witness on a daily basis. I think we all have our moments when we forget that fear and just do what we need to do....these moments, for someone like me, are few in numbers and very far apart. :(

    I think the story at polling booths was different everywhere. I live in a pratically village kind of area and most of the voters there were daily wage earners. Should have seen the way everyone stood silently and cast their votes...without any bickering whatsoever. About volunteers, I guess they ask people from Government offices to do this job. Apparently, my mom escaped getting this duty... I didnt say anything to her then, but now I think more people WERE actually needed.

    Anyways, good to see you vote...and lovely pic up there :)