Aug 26, 2008

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.. back after a long time.. i guess even the few readers i had would have disappeared by now.. hehe. shameless i am.

hopefully there will be a little more activity on my blog now... following up on the post i did about the proposal and the ring.. obviously there is gonna be a wedding.. pretty soon.. probably sooner than i expected. probably not. so much speculation and discussion..

its exciting and scary at the same time.. wow!! am i rushing into marriage.. am i doing the right thing?!! life is going to change forever.. Everything's gonna change.. wow.. WOW!!! wow.. its just so overwhelming i dunno what to say.. or what to write. i just hope i have enough wisdom and maturity and grace to handle everything well.

planning a wedding is going to be real fun. hopefully i'll post most of it here. even more fun is going to be planning the honeymoon!! :D

another exciting event of the recent past is me turning 25. so i have 2 reasons to be called aunty now. sumitra aunty. yyew. haha. hmm.. time's just flyin by like that. kinda sad about all the good times that have passed.. excited about the good times to come... hopefully there will be many in store for me!!


  1. Just like the girl in the pic of this post..... "Rock On"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. hey congrats girl .. happy for both :)

  3. wish u lods n lods of happiness..
    and a biggggggggggggggggggggggg