Jun 22, 2011


This morning I experienced something that I could best define as being drunk.

I sat in a corner with my cup of milk, wanting to savor a few moments alone, before heading into the busy routines of the day.

I closed my eyes and set the cup aside, the milk being too hot. I decided to relax. I then consciously decided and started to drop all inhibitions, fears, thoughts, anxieties. I was able to loosen-up from inside. I made an effort to and did put aside my personality and simply sat doing nothing. I could feel my stresses leave me as I let go of every thought that I held so close to my mind.

What followed was intense intoxication. Unstoppable smiles and laughter. I felt light, wonderful and beautiful. In short, I was drunk.

Consciously drunk.

It was self-created. No external stimuli. Not by following any prescribed yoga practice that I usually do.

I have heard and read that it's possible, but experiencing it first hand was something else.

Of course, it only lasted about 10 minutes. Then it slowly faded away. But it's come a long way from a minute to 10. I'm sure I can get it to last longer with time.

I was able to experience that stress can really be dealt with. All by ourselves, without any external help. No medication, no counselling, no intoxicants, no stimulants. No coffee, tea or alcohol is really needed. All that is required is a conscious effort.

No matter what's happening in life, it's possible to de-stress. Something to think about.


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