Mar 24, 2012

The Tag

I'm bad with tags. Really. But then Spiff tagged me with this very nice one that I actually wanted to do. Mainly because it allows me to talk (gloat) about my writing. What writer would want to pass up that opportunity? :D But I couldn't get around to doing it, and now Spiff has declared that she's 'Katti'.

So, I've finally decided to sit down and do it now as a peace offering and also because, well, I think I'm going to have fun doing this.

1. Your Most Beautiful Post

Ahh, this is like a mother choosing her favourite baby. It's impossible, but if I had to, it would be a tie between these two. They're both very similar, and both very, very close to my heart. I truly meant what I wrote, they transport me to a different state of mind when I read them even today.

Love Because

2. Your Most Popular Post

Going by Blogger Stats, the most popular would be the one with the giveaway. But that hardly counts for artistic talent, so I'll cheat and talk about my second most popular post. It's something I wrote on impulse really, but yes, it still holds true.

The Indian Marriage

3. Your Most Controversial Post

I'm not exactly the queen of controversy. I'm generally diplomatic and tend to play it safe. Generally.  There are exceptions, of course. Here is one of my more 'bold' posts, if you could even call it that. I made a few blatant statements. Do let me know if it fits the bill or not.

Love vs. Hatred

4. Your Most Helpful Post

Don't know if I helped anybody, but I'd have to say, this one:

Getting him Talking

5. A Post's Success that Surprised You

It would have to be the third most popular post according to Blogger Stats. It's the one in which I listed all my favourite blog posts. Surprised to see that people loved it a lot!

And These are a Few of my Favourite Things

6. A Post you Feel Didn't Get the Attention it Deserved

This one got 'zero' comments. Although, I think it was because I was rambling on about death again. Nevertheless, it was on a positive note. No takers at all. Perhaps, now?

At the End of it All

7. The Post you're Most Proud of 

Again, I face a mother's dilemma. An extremely difficult choice. I would list at least four or five here. But then, I don't want to bore you with too many things to read. So I'll just have to pick one. And then apologize to the rest. Here it is:

Of Being Bullied

I'd just like to say here that bullying was a huge part of my life growing up. The reason I'm proud of this post is a) simply because I found the courage to write it, and b) because I have been able to not dwell on the past and talk about moving on. I'm not implying here that I'm great or perfect. Nothing about me or my life is perfect. But I've found a way to move on. I'm incredibly thankful and proud for that. :)

Spiff, thank you so much for giving me this tag, it's been super fun going back and reading long-forgotten posts.

I know most of the posts I've listed here are kind of serious. If it's your first time here, I do try my hand at lighter/funnier ones too. Look around and you're sure to spot them. :)

Okay for once I won't be fair and I'll actually choose people to tag for this:

The Girl Next Door
Smitha - Any Excuse to Write
Archana - Myriad Hues
Nil - MeetNil
Phatichar - Malignant Humor...
Rambling of a Single Girl

I tried to pick the ones who've been blogging for a few years, so they could get the chance to dig through their old stuff too. But I'd love to read all of your posts you love, so please do try and share them in the comments!

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  1. A nice chance to read all those lovely posts again :) Loved it Sumi :) Am back to haunting your posts again :)

    1. Thanks Keirthana, welcome back! Nice to see you here again. Do come more often.

  2. Sumi :) Thanks for the tag! I really dont have super high hopes on my posts but will do this soon! I am now having all tabs open with your posts!

    1. You're most welcome Archana! Do it whenever you can, no hurry. Glad you read the posts I listed :)

  3. Thank you ma'am for the opportunity. Likewise, I'm equally lousy with tags, and especially if it's about picking from my own collection, it's worse, nothing short of a nightmare.

    But still, I'll try and do it. Right here. But a little later, if it's ok with you. :)

    PS: I know I nearly kill people with my posts, but just a teeny-weeny gentle correction on my link here (you probably took out all the frustration of me keeping people on tenterhooks with my 'to be continued' posts, on me. Jaa, mar... types, hahaha). :P It's 'humor' and not 'tumor'.

    1. OMG, LOL!! Haha, I swear I always read it as tumor. :D I only just noticed it now after you mentioned it :D Seriously. haha, I'm so sorry, will change it right away.

      No problem, it's a choice to take up a tag, so no pressures and no hard feelings even if you don't :)

  4. Sumitra!! Hey! What a lovely blog you have here! I saw u on Sindhujas blog and was sure it was you ( well there was a pic, how wring can I go) anyway just wanted to say I found u in the blog world.will take time out to come and read your posts leisurely:-) what a small world! Glad I found :-) - aarathi Selvan

    1. Aarathi! How nice to see you here :) What are you up to these days? Glad you found me, too. I'll visit your blog soon as well!

  5. Now I know which ones are a must read! I am sure each post of yours is a must read but will begin with these :)

  6. Was nice going through some of those posts. I am going to attempt this on mine now :)

  7. I somehow missed this post earlier! :( Just realised I have been tagged. Shall take it up soon. :)

    I haven't read a lot of the posts that you have chosen for the tag, considering that I started reading you quite recently. Will read up on these. :)

  8. And.... the tag is done! :)