Apr 30, 2008

I hate summer

I cant believe i loved summer when i was a kid.

I was a weird kid. All kids are werid.

Once there were no other kids in the park and i was swinging all by myself for 2 hours straight in the afternoon in the middle of the desert-summer. I was looking at the sun all the time.. trying to make shapes in the bright sunlight each time i opened my eyes.. I could see swords and horses and desert warriors.. i made up my own stories as i kept swinging. The next day i was sick with a sun stroke. I remember vividly smiling myself to sleep thinking about the warriors even as i was sick.

I was a weird kid. summer doesnt seem to affect kids at all. they have buffalo skin. the heat just doesnt get through.

i hate summer now. summer is especially unkind to girls. and specially specially unkind to girls like me with sensitive skin that gets tanned one shade darker every 5 minutes in the sun. its a ridiculous curse. i hate it.. well atleast i know that i have less risk of skin cancer or something.. whatever.. i feel like the kid in the commercial with the sun sucking from a straw at the top of his head... i feel exactly like that.

i want to sit in a tub full of ice cubes. i want to live in a refrigerator. i want to go to the north pole.. or south pole.. or wherever where there's ice. my brain refuses to work and my body refuses to move when its so hot.. i feel dull and sluggish and kind of stupid.. (or maybe that's just regular me.. i dunno :D) ..

yuck yuck yuck.

yuck yuck yuck yuck. stupid sticky summer. yuck yucky summer yuck.


  1. could not hav put it better :D good one

  2. What do u mean u "were" a wierd kid?? U still are a wierdo but yeah.. summer's killing man!! Imagine, I had to go to the day shift in our faltu cab's without any A/C without any glimpse of any A/C cab's being put into force in the near future.

  3. "yuck yuck yuck yuck. stupid sticky summer. yuck yucky summer yuck." Catchy line though.... can be used as a jingle for an AD!