Jun 4, 2008

long time..

i read in todays paper that a blog is now considered a type of resume.. that recuriters and employers actually search online for prospective employees, their blogs, etc etc.. so the article went on to mention that we must be careful with our blog posts, think about entries.. make them reflect the best, most positive (and non-existant) skills of ours.. and never never divulge our true feelings, inner thoughts.. (basically the thougts that make us look weird)..

typical.. this world is so artificial. i thought that blogging was the one medium that u can use to vent out all those feelings and thoughts and the crazy stuff never shared before.. i thought its the one place where you can take off that out-wordly mask and be yourself.. but no.. the world has to take that too and turn it into some sort of parameter of judgement in this meaningless rat race..

now people will start making blogs not out of the love of blogging or writing but just to fill in posts and posts about their achievements and how great they are.

this world is too artificial for me to handle.


  1. Wht the!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The one thing that we had will be taken over is it? Lite maccha.... i dont care if i am not selected cos of my blog. Ill still write whatever i want in there. :P

  2. hehehaaaa..i found out how to reply u back.....hahhahaha i was soo dumb...........

  3. hey..its is not that easy to find your blog online i mean until they know ur web address..if u just google ur name..i dont think they can find it out in their first try...well anyways nobody cares i guess...heheh

  4. As my dad once told me..

    "Anything you ever put down on paper, can be used against you at any time."

    I guess paper has slowly transferred electronically in this new age of communication.

    The words "weird", "positive", "negative" are all dependent on the reader and their opinions of what they believe might be any of the above and if they choose to categorize your personal thoughts and pass judgment on them.

    Personally your thoughts are your thoughts and you should be free to express them as you wish, whether you decide to be withdrawn like the remainder of the population or choose to be expressive.

    Would you really want to associate yourself and work for employers that rather investigate you and pass judgment rather than assess your capability to serve their company to the best of your ability?

    Even if your job requires an assessment of your mental capacity to make an informed decision, the emphasis should more be on your capacity to make an unbiased decision based on facts in the workplace - rather than your personal inhibitions.

    Another choice I guess... :)