Jun 26, 2009


a: your posts sound like you're very confused..

me: well, that's what a person would say if they didn't understand..

(to myself: sometimes i am confused..)

the answer (not in exact words) : Confusion is a good thing. It's good that you are confused. It means that you are seeking to know. It's better to be confused than to conclude.. When you have experienced the pain of ignorance, you will seek to know.

i must say, i feel very glad to admit that i do not know anything about God. it's like a great burden taken off me. i do not have a stance. i do not have an opinion. i simply do not know. nor do i want to believe anything. i am just ready to experience, first hand.


  1. lol.. sounds exactly like something I would've said, thought.
    and probably posted :P

  2. geezz..somebody touched a nerve..heheh

  3. @gzox - :)

    @kirthi - what nerve?

  4. I guess she means a raw nerve.

    And no I didnt. :)