Sep 26, 2009

finally the will to blog has returned to me. yay!

i've been down with a very high temperature for 3 days now.. severe headache and a sneezing fit as i type. no, i don't have swine flu, as i feared. doc confirms its just a virus that's been going around.. and the low immunity gal that i am, i guess my body welcomed it like an old, long-lost friend. 'ah, yes.. Virus, old pal! how have you been? do come in... make yourself comfortable and please, you must stay atleast a week now...' :-p

and yes, i guess this is what it takes to get me to blog again. extreme boredom and a malfunctioning nose. :D to come to think of it, i dun think my brain's functioning very well either. oh well, when did it anyway..

so, what else has been goin on with me? .. hmm lets see.. i shifted into my new apartment.. its a nice place, but a lot of carpentry work going on, so i'm at my mom's place right now to escape the noise and dust all..

oh, and kirthi, in case you're reading this, i know u've been trying to ping me for a while and i always miss ur pings.. hope you're doing fine, i've just been really busy lately. but aren't we all? hehe..

nice.. im using my blog to keep in touch with ppl.. perhaps i could just start writing letters to ppl and post them here.. hehe. oh well, im just rambling now..

im just running out of thing's to write.. seems like i'm turning more and more private as i get older. one of these days i think i'm gonna start a secret blog and spill my guts out there like never before.. that should feel good.

i desparately feel like shopping for some reason.. and that's new coz i hate shopping. and i need a shopping partner. i usually shop alone coz alone is when i make the best decisions.. but now i find it boring. and all said and done, guys do not make good shopping partners no matter how much they love you. they just get bored and phase out after a while... oh, well.

i'm in the middle of reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time. I havent watched the movies but i kind of know the basic story line. The book is an awesome piece of work, but every one knows that. for some reason though, it fails to keep me glued. or rather, i fail to get glued to it. the amount of detail and intricacy amazes me, but also bores me. i find myself skimming through a couple of pages at a time (that are filled with descriptions) and getting to the parts with a little action. and i also have a lack of appreciation for poetry between prose. it's an amazing book, and Harry Potter is no where near it creativity-wise. yet, in a moment of desperate boredom, i would find myself reaching out to a Potter book and not LOTR.. how childish, i know :D

tea time! cya..


  1. ha-ha, very nice to way to keep in touch..u could just reply to mail..heheh...Get well soon...lots to catch up...:))

  2. Missed this by 2 months, shopping partner eh? We should go out sometime. Considering how we hate shopping, we could always ditch it midway to catch a movie!