Jan 22, 2011

it's possible...

It's possible to be in a friendship where...

you don't talk about how your day was because you have so much else to talk about.

you are in the most pissed off mood ever but one look at their face can turn frowns to smiles.

gossip is not needed to keep the conversation going.

you can be told to your face when you're being an idiot, and not feel bad about it.

silence is just as interesting as talking is.

you don't have to stick together, or even be around each other all the time.

words are not needed to express feelings...

neither are grand gestures.

and sometimes, no words or gestures seem to suffice, so you just want to squeeze the living daylights out of them.

you can tell them anything, literally anything, without having to think twice about it.

you start to think and react like them instead of how you normally would.

you sometimes wonder if you accidentally exchanged personalities.

you learn to read their every word, expression, thought and feeling like an open book.

you have your sentences finished for you, and you wonder, 'how the hell could they have known i was going to say that?!'

you know you are loved and cared for, silently, from a distance.

love is the most ridiculous thing you can ask for! (and yet, you do...)

it's like wine, and you're enjoying it more as it ages.

you can look back and realize how long and far you've come together.

sometimes you feel you care for them so crazily that you would let them go if that's what they needed.

and yet, you also know that if they ever tried to leave, you would get on your knees and beg them to stay.

when you are with them, you can forget the rest of the world forever. no, really!

you fight, but you know that your heart's really not in it.

serving them is such a joyous feeling.

you never think about how much you love them, because you're too busy living it!

when you're asked by others to describe them, you have no idea what to say.

an anniversary could be like any other day and any other day could suddenly be like an anniversary.

it's perfectly okay to say no.

you understand that you're two different people.

you get along amazingly even though you have no tastes in common.

ego takes a back seat and they take the front.

they never cease to amaze you.

and you know that everything you feel is mutual, even though it's rarely discussed.

i never knew this was possible in a friendship, except for a book or a movie, or just in my head.

i never knew, until i met you...


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