Jan 4, 2011


My insides are like a dry, parched piece of desert,
longing, aching for a drop of water.                              

I am helplessly stuck in this worldly game of life.
something I am not yet ready to get out of,
and yet..

a glimpse of your robes
the sound of your voice
the feel of your breath in the air...

stir up something within me,
get me bursting with tears.

tears of Joy
tears of Gratitude

tears of Ecstasy
tears of Deep Melancholy

of a vague belonging,
and a strange sense of detachment...

all at once.

you cared to cast a casual glance upon me
a sight I will carry in my eyes forever

for it was the day I was reduced to tears
the day you decided to Grace me.

it has gone beyond all logic.
there are simply no words to explain...

am I delusional?
or am I just tasting life?

Raw. Wild. Pure.

who are you
what are you
what are you made of...

show me, please.

I am a bad disciple; unprepared, unsure...
but my desire is strong. 

when will I feel your presence within me?
when will I see you as my Guru, my Master?

I cannot wait any longer...

Take me away.


  1. Hi. What a beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing it. I'd love to send you an email message. Please contact me at rebecca@rebeccareynolds.com. And, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Rebecca