Dec 14, 2011

The Blog is Ready, and so is the Surprise (Free Calvin&Hobbes Giveaway!)

A while ago, I announced on my blog that I was going to give it a makeover. And now it’s ready! I love the way it’s turned out, I hope you do too! Let me know what you think of it.

 I’d also said that a there would be a surprise announcement at the end of the makeover project. And now, the time has finally arrived. I’m honestly very excited about this. I’ve thought and thought about the right words to use while announcing the surprise, but I guess I’ll just go ahead and say it.

Keeping with the spirit of the holiday season, and also the fact that I love giving gifts, I’ve decided to do my very first GIVEAWAY!!

After much deliberation, I’ve decided on giving away something that I think most people would want to have. It’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s the best gift that anyone could ever give me!

And the gift is....



I love Calvin and Hobbes! Who doesn’t, right? Hmm, a small voice is now telling me to cancel the Giveaway and buy the set for myself. So before I change my mind, let me provide you with all the information.

I want to win! How do I participate?

You need to do two simple things to be eligible for this Giveaway:
  1. Follow this blog in any one of these ways:
    • Follow on Facebook, here
    • Follow on Twitter, here
    • Follow on Google Plus, here
    • Follow via Blogger
    • Subscribe via RSS, here or Email, here.
  2. Leave a comment on this post, stating:
    • In one line, what you like best about reading blogs.
    • Your profile ID, using which you followed or subscribed to this blog (for ease of verification and to keep things fair).
That's it! As simple as that.

Can I get a Bonus Entry?

Yes, you can! To improve your chances of winning the Calvin and Hobbes Boxed Set, all you need to do is promote this giveaway. Blog about it, tweet it or share it on FB, or any other way that works for you. Leave me a second comment with the link and your entry will be counted twice!

How will the winners be selected?

The selection process will be completely random and based on a lucky-draw, using Please note that I will not be replying to any comments on this post, to keep the number of comments intact.

When does the Giveaway close?

The Giveaway is open until midnight, 21st of December, Indian Standard Time. The winner will be announced on the 22nd of December. 

Are there any additional rules?

Yes. Here they are:
  1. Only one entry per person. Multiple entries will be discarded, unless you are eligible for the bonus entry.
  2. The giveaway is open  to residents of India. I will be purchasing the boxed set through Flipkart and have it shipped to the address of the winner. People living outside can participate too, if you know a friend or relative in India to receive the prize for you.
  3. Members of my family are not eligible to participate.
So, that's my very first giveaway. Hopefully there will be more to follow. Keep reading! All the best to all the participants. 


  1. I win!!!! :D

    What do I like best about reading blog ?? Hmm... i guess its the thought flow. U have a thought, u put it on a blog and its out there in the world, just like a wish from someone :)

    Profile id: Nikhil Moyal

  2. @Nik-naah me here .. ur fb status distracted me :p
    I follow different blogs for various reasons. To learn abt trends in Tech Writing, voyeur in me probably is curious to know whats happ in others lives, creative posts (short stories, scrapbooking etc) best practice sharing from other mothers, cooking or oogling at food pics in food blogs, feminism.

  3. Wow Sumi,you came up with such a good idea for a giveaway... I am so excited.. Followed you through Twitter though I had added your RSS feeds to my reader... Tweeted about the giveaway for a bonus entry :P ;)

    My Twitter id is @Keirthana

    What do I like best about reading blogs, you ask?

    Blogs give me, belief in my sanity when I myself doubt it, a song that I want to listen all life, a book I want to keep reading on and on and in short a life I want to live forever. Yes, Blogs give me a life which I want to live forever.

  4. The blog looks great :)
    and its too bad that I can not enter the giveaway, I live in UAE :(
    any ways all the best :)

  5. @justifyleo followed you on Twitter and I love reading blogs because they are short and to the point with fresh/new content often

  6. Damn, isn't it enough that I've wanted this more than I've wanted anything in my life, ever? :(

    I read blogs for the same reason that I read anything else- because I love reading. The plus point about blogs is that you get to read something different everyday; it's like a book of short stories, only better, because from one blog, you find many other fabulous ones to read and follow; and the best part is that it is interactive- you can read, comment, share, discuss.

    I've been following your blog since ages. :)

    Oh and here's my blogger profile.

  7. Shared it on my FB wall. :)!/profile.php?id=100000638650626

  8. Whoa, cool idea!! The blog looks awesome- and the cow on the top is really cute. :D
    I don't stay in India, but am sure my cousin wouldn't mind collecting the gift on my behalf, haha :P

    I read blogs because it's a fun, easy way to de-stress. I love reading and blogs make up for the sad fact that I am not able to do much reading at college. Moreover, it gives me a chance to meet and interact with fellow bloggers!

    Here's my blogger profile

    And I've shared it on my fb wall too!/profile.php?id=100000021344307

    (Whoa, that was one LONG comment indeed :D)

  9. Reading is always fun for me, the best about reading blogs is that we can comment our questions on the author's post and can expect our answer.

    Profile ID - D-pac Deepak (Facebook Like)

  10. I liked the make over of the blog...
    Good luck to the winner...

  11. Hi Sumithra,
    Blog writing and reading is a hobby for me and i am using it often nowadays to get out of my mom's loss.i liked the way you write and also it is small which makes reading easier :)

    Here's my Blogger profile:

    I have shared in my FB wall :)

    i followed you through twitter too :)

  12. My Bonus Entry, I have shared about this giveaway on my second blog too. Here is the link

    I Win....:D

  13. The best thing about reading blogs is that it helps to read the minds of different people and the their view points on different things, which in most cases are truthful and naturalistic.

    My Blogger Profile:
    My Twitter ID: @rsuresh87

  14. This is for the bonus entry. Yes, I've tweeted this post!

  15. This is for the bonus entry.I have tweeted the post in twitter :)
    My Twitter ID:@Ravishankar_Ram

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  18. Love the makeover, has a pleasing vibe to it.

    Blogging to me is an expression of the minuscule(possibly non-existent :P) creativity in me. Additionally it gives me the opportunity to come across many other gifted bloggers who share their triumph, trepidation and emotions on such a universal platform.

    My Blogger ID -

    Cheers :)

  19. Done done and done :)

    For me, blogs are a way to connect to people who are similar to me. I have met a ton of great friends through blogs.

  20. I like reading blogs because it provides an awesome platform to share and gain what one's best at. It acts as a wonderful medium to interact and meet like minded people. Oh and there's so many blogs out there which makes the posts so versatile. Humour when you need it and emotional stuff when you need that. Stories and poems and what not. The blogosphere is a world in itself.

    Bloger Id:

  21. I shared it on my Blog's Facebook PAGE :

  22. THIS!!! this is an epic giveaway!!! Calvin and Hobbes!! I am ready to give Spaceman Spiff a tough competition to win this!!

    err...dunno about providing a profile id but am adding it to my blogreel

  23. okay i forgot to add why i like reading blogs.

    Simple. To meet new people and share and learn from their experiences and have a blast

  24. Followed on twitter by account i have commented from.

    Why do i like to read blogs? I've met (not in real life) many people on internet after reading their blogs. Some write fiction, some write facts. Some writer fuse fiction with facts and create an awesome piece. :) I learned many things from reading them too. So, that's that.


  25. The makeover is awesome sweetie :)

    Here is my blogger id :

  26. The best thing about reading blogs is contests like these, which could help you get free awesome goodies.


  27. Wow! what a cool idea!

    My id is Nirvana

    And whats the best thing about reading a blog? Well, there's awesome literary talent out here, and fertile imaginations too - I get to read various viewpoints to the same picture!

  28. Well done, Moo-devi! Nice professional blog and then a contest also. A novel way to share your happiness, celebrate the spirit of Christmas and increase clicks on your blog - all in one. Killer move, and really Fair enough! :)

    No wonder, you are a Google product. ha ha

    Because you said the winner is chosen at random, I thot let me participate too, else based on smartness of answers, I dont really stand a chance.

    Here's my take: I like reading blogs because there is a high level of sincerity in them. Magazines, TV Channels, Newspapers have all become too commercialized today, but blogs have not. Yes! there is an aspect of 'show-off' in some blogs but I can put some of it aside and still try to get the essence of what the writer is really trying to say. In particular about your blog Moo-devi, I see a heartfelt writing. It reverberates with me for sure. I started with that Google post of yours, and have been coming back ever since...

    Contest closes at midnight and see when I posted. What a photo finish.. :)

    Profile ID: vikasnprabhu