Dec 28, 2011


I’ve been reading a lot of bloggers talking about the year gone by and the year to come. Read so many good posts that now I’m tempted to do it too. I normally don’t look back or make too many resolutions for the future. But let’s see how this goes.

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Spent the first month of the year in preparation for a Yoga retreat, so it was mostly a cleansing kind of diet/lifestyle. I had to eat a lot of fresh foods and I was practically meditating all day. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the most peaceful of months, I got to meet the several demons that live within me. It was like an upheaval of sorts.
Started a baking blog, that was pretty short lived.


Went to the retreat, it was an 8-day silence program. Confronted the demons. Killed some. Turned out sitting for 8 days with only just my thoughts, attempting to achieve true silence is pretty much one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. It was frustrating, I even wanted to run away. But there were moments when it was good, and then it was really really good. Came back with new perceptions, new understanding, the silence within me deepened, and so did my gratitude for life.


The beginning of a new life, in a new city. This was totally unexpected and unplanned. A few last-minute decisions and we found ourselves in Bangalore. 10 days in the company guest house, not a thing to do, no cleaning, no cooking. Was like heaven. Went around exploring, house hunting.


Shuttling back and forth, getting things in order, settling down. Reaped the true benefits of the silence program. Encountered a major personal and emotional setback, but brushed it away with ease. I was proud of myself!


Played tourist. Walked around. Ate well – Dosas and coffee mostly. Turned out people love Bangalore in the summer. Relatives came over, had a great time with them.


Finally started settling in. In-laws came to visit. They were majorly bored, mostly because we do not have a T.V. Took them around the city, they liked the weather and the vegetables.


Parents came over. At this point, we were having someone over every 2 weeks. Felt good though. Mom didn’t let me do a thing! Ate a lot of dosas. Discovered CTR and Vidyarthi Bhavan. Excellent.


I hated Bangalore. The weather made my allergies wreak havoc in my nostrils. I was sick most of the month. Birthday passed uneventfully. Hit two-eight. Two more years to the big three-O. Found out I didn’t feel any different. My brain lacks the capacity to feel old.


No respite with the allergies. Started blogging regularly. Settled in some more and started freelance writing as well. Took M to the ashram, it was lovely and I was genuinely glad that he liked the place. A new-found love for Sherlock Holmes happened, M and I watched the entire 1984 series on YouTube. Also discovered JustBooks and my reading has increased ever since. 


The month was just one big sneeze. Nothing more to say.


Anniversary! The allergies settled down. M and I finally managed to get into a schedule. Exercise began to happen. Health began to improve. Life got better again.


Regular exercise for M and me. Both of us feel great. Eating healthy and well. Watched Dirty Picture, MI4, Don2. Loved the first, second was meh, puked all over the third. Decided to reward ourselves to a big, beautiful breakfast at Woodstock (our favourite place, hands down) on New Year’s morning for all the hard work we’ve been putting in. We’re dreaming and drooling all the time now :D

Over all, it’s been a year of solitude. Began in silence, ending it alone. Lived alone for the first time in my life. Discovered several things about myself, pulled my socks up and got more responsible. Refreshed and rejuvenated, all set to take on a new year. Bring it on, 2012!

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  1. I envy you for remembering the year in such vivid detail, I can probably never do this.

    You seemed to have had quite a year - a little dash of everything making for a perfect ending to this year and a grand beginning for the next.

    Wish you an awesome 2012.

    Cheers :)

  2. haha.. i second AS.. I don't remember any details at all.. 2010, 2011.. it all seems the same to me! Looks like you had an eventful year.. on a personal level!

    And how did u even guess it was alankrita? There was hardly anything in the pics to see (except me :P) I though all resorts look the same!
    Are you from Hyd?

  3. Wow, that indeed was a busy year! I'm really amazed at your accomplishment of the 8 day silence program- I cannot sit quietly by myself for even 10 minutes. hmph. Maybe that should be my New Year Resolution :)
    Amazing post and this is a great idea!

  4. Hi Nice write up on the happenings of the year :) silence programs and yoga- i plan to start but it hasn't started yet for about 2 years now :) i too used to remember all details of my life and it was good to see you remember such things too :) Wish you a very happy new year :)

  5. Wow you remember the details of all the 12 months...great :)
    I wish you have great 2012 :)

  6. Silence for 8 days? Impressive. I doubt if I could go even one. Seems to have been a constructive year na.. Wish I could say the same.
    Inability to feel old -please share it with me, I'm 21 and I feel like an antique.
    MI4 was meh? Dayum..

    Happy 2012:)

  7. I go with AS on this one! I can never remember this vividly about the whole year and that too this 2011 went in a jiffy to me.

    And that silence program, I have been wanting to do it for a while, I am just looking for the right break..

    Wishes for a happy 2012 :)

  8. Wow!! That's quite a memory you have.

    Happy new year 2012 and this is a wonderful idea!! :)

  9. silent program is something I have been wanting to have :)

    xo Nav

  10. @Everyone: Hmm, I didn't remember that much also, how come the surprise? Everyone remembers this much, no? Am I the only freak? :D

    @AS: Yup, it was an eventful year. Happy 2012 to you too! :)

    @Chandana: Yeah, I'm from Hyderabad, lived there for 11 years. Alankrita is my favourite resort, I have many happy memories there, guess I can recognize it from anywhere! :)

    @Sruthi: It's not that amazing really, it's just the Guru's grace. :) Try it sometime. Thanks, wish you a happy new year!

    @Ravi: Thanks! Yes, you should try it sometime. Happy New Year :)

    @Purvi: Happy New Year to you too. :)

    @PeeVee: Well, I don't like MI type movies in general, so... And I sometimes think my brain got stuck at 7, really, so I'm not sure if that's a good thing. :D

    @Keirthana: Try it, you might really like it. Happy New Year!

    @Soumya: Thanks, Happy New Year!

    @Nav: Go for it, it's good :)

  11. Hating Bangalore weather during August? My, how do you feel NOW? :) Like others have said, monthly recollection is impossible for many of us! One small bit of advise - Don't be in Bangalore during winters, don't be in Chennai during summers. Try Cochin on Coimbatore - Both of them have got awesome weather :)

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  13. @ES: Ahh, it's worse now, damp all the time. But its still okay because I'm not sneezing as much. Coimbatore, I like that idea. Hope life takes me there some day :)

    @Phatichar: :) Haven't seen you around for a while. Where have you been?

  14. Happy new year to you, Sumitra. Been a bit busy at home front that's all..

    Hope you spent your new year morning the way you intended to. :) Take care.