Jan 2, 2012

2012 Happenings

In my last post, 'Reflections', I openly challenged the year ahead. I believe my precise words were, 'Bring it on, 2012!' Perhaps I was being a tad idiotic, perhaps I should have been a bit more respectful, for the 2012 fairy godmother appears to have taken my words too literally. I received a nice shocker right at the stroke of midnight.

No, it wasn't a beautiful white ball gown, or a Pumpkin-turned-chariot, or even a pair of glass slippers. It was nothing like I expected it to be. Ladies and Gentleman, as celebrations erupted in this part of the world welcoming the arrival of a brand new-year that has been proclaimed to bring doom to planet Earth, the thing that I received was a nice, long lecture from my mum. About why I should be having kids this year.

I'm not kidding. This is exactly what happened. M and I were up, doing this and that. We hadn't planned on calling anyone at midnight. Eventually, the clock struck 12. We looked at each other, smiled. Our arms outstretched, we moved towards each other, expecting to receive warm hugs. Instead, we froze mid-hug, when the phone rang. Smiles turned to frowns, and then quizzical expressions followed. We dropped our arms and M went to answer it. My parents.

I couldn't believe they had stayed up till midnight, but apparently my dad had insisted that they wish us first, before going to bed. So M spoke to Dad, Mom spoke to M, I spoke to Dad... That was all sweet and nice, I thought, until I spoke to mom. And then the lecture started. Let's just leave it at that.

For those of you who are wondering, no I'm not against having kids, but I don't know when it'll happen. It'll happen, I know that for sure. One day, I will magically know that I'm ready and everything will fall into place. It could be tomorrow, a few months later or whenever, I don't know. I believe parenting is a calling, and when it calls out to me, I will rise to the occasion. Anyway, baby-planning as a topic demands a post of its own, so I'll leave it at that as well.

The First Day

1st Jan turned out to be nice. We did go to Woodstock for breakfast, except that it turned out to be brunch instead. The poor guys were severely understaffed, owing to the fact that the previous night's party had gone on until 4 AM. Nevertheless, the food was yum yum, as usual. So, no complaints there. I actually wanted to take a pic to share with you guys, but I was too famished to even remember by the time food arrived.

We then went shopping for a scarf, but I ended up buying an omelette pan and a pair of house-pants. I call them house-pants for lack of a better term, but they are the most comfortable pair I've ever slipped into. So comfortable, that I never want to take them off again. I love my new pants.

The Second Day

I started a new workout regime today. It's real fun. Can't wait to do more!

More News!

In other spectacular 2012 news, one of my good friends has taken up a whopper of a new year's resolution. She calls it Mission Impossible, and I think the title is befitting. It is so amazing, and I think she's amazing for even attempting it. Hold on to your pants, I'll tell you more.

Rafath (that's her name), is one of my good friends from Google. The first important fact of relevance here is that she is a totally heels-crazy gal. She writes a shoe blog, where she showcases beautiful designer heels that are absolutely drool-worthy.

The second fact is that she has been trying to lose weight for some time.

So in a brilliant strategy that kills several birds with one stone, she has decided to put the two together. She's started a challenge to lose a certain amount of weight, failing which, she will be giving away all her heels. For free! Yes, you heard me right. For every kg of weight she does not lose every fortnight, she will be giving away one pair from her amazing collection of heels.

Oh, and she's blogging about it. So please go and read all about her mighty endeavour, here. She's already put up the first pair of heels on the altar - gorgeous red suede platform pumps.

Oh, and there's a double-incredible-nail-biting twist to this. An anonymous reader has promised to gift her a Giuseppe Zanotti pair, if she is on track for three months. Now I don't know much about heels, but going by her reaction it's pretty huge, and it's gotten her all the more pumped (no pun intended)! All we know for now is that the mysterious generous benefactor is male (oooh!), and presumably, rich. :D

That's all the exciting new from me so far for this year. How have your first two days of 2012 been?

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  1. Bring it on 2012, ROFL :D So the year started off with a bang indeed!
    Wow, your friend's idea to lose weight is very creative. All the best for her mission.
    As for my New Year, I finally got started on my internship. Yay! :)

  2. Paras 4 and 5 - Very crisply written.

    I remember the days when everytime you uttered the words "Guess what?" my reply used to be, you're expecting! Come a long way since then. Totally endorse your view about having kids only when you are ready and you'll be ready in good time. We aren't exactly heading towards extinction in the meanwhile.

    And Thanks for the lovely piece on my resolution! :)

    If I do fail (and who am I kidding!), you can totally choose one person for giving away a pair to. :)

  3. Even I had the slight mention about having a baby thing from my mother in law so that put me off a little but otherwise its been a fine year so far :) :) and I am 100 percent sure that your blogger friend will lose all the weight coz who would want to part away with SHOES :) :)

  4. OH MY GOD! She is giving away her heels!??! *faints*
    As much as I want those lovely red pumps I am wishing, for her sake, that she reaches her goal! No girl should ever have to part with her shoes. Ever!

  5. Your friend sure has the heart of a lion! Even I don't know much about heels, but for people who aren't fashion-impaired like me, this is quite a shock.. And new year was calm and mostly uneventful for me.. I couldn't help laughing at your plight on New year's night :) ;)

  6. Ah... baby talk. Okay.. I am not even getting started on that but well, lets see what you would be writing twelve months down the lane! :)

  7. That was a lot of thoughts in a short post! Happy New Year..

  8. @Sruthi: Ooh, nice to hear about the internship. Hope you have a lot of fun and learn a lot too! Haha, yeah my year did start with a bang of sorts. Hope Rafath succeeds too!

    @Rifz: Thank you, Thank you! "We aren't exactly heading towards extinction in the meanwhile." - I love that line. Makes so much sense. Thanks for giving me the privilege of choosing, but I'd rather you succeed and I didn't have to. :D

    @Purvi: Aaah, you too! :( Everyone has baby fever. Hang in there! Saw your pics on your blog, I can see you had a great start to the new year :) And yes, who would want to part with their shoes indeed!

    @Chandana: Was my exact reaction as well! :D I hope she reaches her goal too.

    @Keirthana: Heart of lion, she sure does have! Ya, ya, my plight is quite laughable only. :( Calm sounds better than lecture to me, I would have gladly traded places with you.

    @Sinduja: Hahahaha! Let's see. Let's see.

    @Mr. Bhatia: Welcome to The Daily Moo! Stick around, read some more. Hope you like what you find :) Happy New Year to you too!