Jan 20, 2012

Useless Confessions - III

I have to start this confession with a confession. I got nothing!

When I planned out this series in my head, I had three separate incidents in mind. But somehow, over the past three weeks, the third one has managed to slip out of my woozy brain. I can't remember it, no matter what. I spent the whole day yesterday racking my upstairs, but it just wouldn't come back to me. I can remember other stories, but they're just not as interesting. I know I should have written this down when I remembered, but I was lazy and now I don't have it. I'm so sorry to disappoint.

But of course, there are a few useless confessions I can still make. About my greatest useless fears. Now, I know there are people who think fears are useful because they help you do better in life, but believe me when I say that my fears are basically, utterly and absolutely useless. So today I'll talk about one of them.

This fear is so silly that I'm even ashamed to admit it. But yes, I'm afraid of Ghosts. I always have been and, I know always will be. Can't even remember when it started. I'll just go list out a few crazy fears I've had about ghosts over the years. Go ahead and laugh all you want, don't be shy now.

  • My first nightmare was of a little girl - who was headless. A large part of my childhood I was pretty scared that girl was going to show up in my room in the middle of the night.
  • I made up this thing about a phantom who rode a horse, broke in to kid's rooms through the window at night and stole them away. No idea where I got that from, but I spent many a sleepless night over him. Not your typical knight-in-shining-armour stuff, eh?
  • Someone in school told the story of Bloody Mary. That if you go to the bathroom, switch off the lights, close your eyes, turn around three times saying Bloody Mary, a crazed woman would appear with an axe and chop off your head. Now after this, every time I went to the loo, nothing came to my mind except Bloody Mary. You know, like the song that gets stuck in your head and doesn't go away. I would just rush through my business and dash out as soon as I could.
  • In my Grandma's house, I was usually allotted the diwan in the hall to sleep at night. And the hall window was right behind my bed. They kept it open at night during summers. So if I opened my eyes and turned around, I could see right outside the house. I was so dead scared that the bell would ring and I would turn around to see some chudail woman standing at the window, smiling her devilish smile. 
  • The Ring. One of the scariest movies I've ever watched. I actually used to get scared that something would crawl out of the TV when I was up studying late at night.
Things have changed a bit, now that I'm older. Yes, I'm still scared but a little less and I've noticed a pattern. There are some houses/rooms where nothing happens at all, I'm never scared and I rarely get bad dreams. Then, there are a few places where I just cannot sleep once I'm left alone. It's just too involuntary to even know why. I just try to have someone with me in such places.

In spite of all this, I still do watch horror films. You know, like I'll be flipping channels and one of them would be playing a horror flick. And then I'll be too tempted. I know it'll scare the bejesus out of me and I won't sleep again for the next week or so, but I'll just have to watch it. 

Geez, this post makes me sound like such a nutcracker, doesn't it? Tell me you have some irrational fears too, won't you?

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  1. Isn't it funny, how times changed?
    I used to find too many windows in the house....may let the devil in...
    Now i just love those windows for letting the sunlight and moon seep in.
    The walls which seemed so tall one time, are now smaller, and less enchanting.
    Love your post.on childhood memories :)

    1. Yeah, funny how things change. Actually, it's probably not the times or things that have changed but only our perceptions. As our worries increase, things around us lose their enchantment, don't they?

  2. OMG. Someone told me about Bloody Mary too and it still creeps me out to look into the mirror in a dark room. :S
    You know what, when I used to go back to my cousins' place in Kerala, they would always talk to me about yakshis and stuff- One night, I swear I heard the sound of anklets around the house- that was one hell of a night!
    And,I have dreamt of headless people too- there was this serial on sun tv about it, and I never failed to watch it so the impression got stuck in my head for good.
    Heh, glad to see someone who has/had the same silly fears as me :)

    1. Haha, you knew the bloody mary thing too? It was the rage in my school days. Anklets around the house!! Yikes! How did you ever sleep there again? Nice to know we were in the same boat w.r.t fears :)

  3. Ghosts would feature on almost everyone's fear list, I think... Like I cannot say I am as afraid as you said you are, but I am ok only as long as I don't think about them. Once the thought comes in, I am scared out of my wits..

    Nice going about the confessions..

  4. Hahahahaha!

    haven't read something related to horror with such a sweet coating of humor.

    keep it goin;)

  5. haha.. yeah I used to be scared of ghosts and of darkness too. One disadvantage of having a really vivid imagination is that you make up scary stories in your mind involuntarily!
    But then I started sleeping alone since 5th grade so the fear sort of vanished! Now am not really scared.. unless you leave me in a graveyard in the middle of the night! That is definitely spooky!

  6. I never watch horror movies coz my brain then goes into overdrive, imagining all sorts of things and scaring be :) :) so no horror movies for me and i am pretty fine then :)

  7. Lol! I am not too fond of movies - so horror movies don't figure anywhere close to me :) My husband on the other hand is the horror movie guy. He watches them and then get scared in the middle of the night too :) But yes, all of us have irrational fears :) I had written about mine here- http://wordsndreamz.wordpress.com/2011/10/09/call-it-irrational-fears-or-paranoia/

  8. OK.. you are perfectly alright..

  9. :) :) :)

    I have some of my own irrational fears too. Don't worry - you are not alone. :D

  10. i still am scared of ghosts but hv improved since childhood. My family calls me a 'Scare-dy bear' n i know i m worse than that!