Jan 5, 2012

Useless Confessions - I

This post is the first of a three-part series I'm doing on Confessions from my past. The thing about these confessions is that they are pretty much useless. But I'd like to have people know about them anyway!


I was little, very little. I don’t remember how old. I could walk and talk, but I was little. Keep that in mind, okay? Okay.

We were on a plane, me and mum. I don’t remember if we were coming or going. This is a very vague memory, almost like a dream. I was thirsty, I asked mum for water. She told me to go up to the stewardess and ask for it. Moms in the 80s had some new-fangled ideas about teaching their kids to be independent. Does this still happen?

So, I got out of my seat, went to that little place up front where all the stewardesses disappeared into. There were a group of them standing around, talking, laughing. I barely reached their knees. They looked very pretty in their silk blouses and short skirts and pantyhose and those smart caps they wore. I went up to one of them and tugged at her skirt.

The rest of the memory is sort of hazy, like in slow motion. She looked down at me and smiled. I said something that included the word ‘water’. She smiled even wider and nodded. Then she led me to this water dispensing thing, filled a small paper cup and handed it to me, before returning to her friends.

The cup was full and difficult to handle, I think. I took a sip. And then the unthinkable happened. I dropped it. One neat ‘splat’ and the cup was on the carpeted floor, water splashed all over. My heart was pounding, I was scared. The low hum of the aircraft was all I could hear, it was deafening.

I picked up the cup gingerly, walked slowly up to the stewardess and gave it back to her. She smiled yet again, took it from me and returned to her conversation.

And then I ran. Back to my seat and my mom, where I believed I was safe.

“Did you get your water?” asked mum.
“Mhmmm,” I nodded.

Every time I saw that stewardess come up the aisle, I was shit scared that she was coming to scold me, or rat on me to my mom. But she never did. I continued to feel pretty awful though, as though I had done something terrible. That was one flight I was very glad to get off.

I’ve never told anyone about this, until now. I had planned on taking my secret to the grave, but oh well, now I can go with a clear conscience. 


Do you have useless confessions to make too? I'd love to hear them! Share in the comments, or do a response to this post on your own blog. :) Stay tuned for part II, coming up same day, next week.

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  1. hehehe.....so cute!You were scared that she must be coming to scold you and she didn't!Lucky you!Waiting for next parts!
    My confessions!!!Don't even ask!I will have to start wearing a burqa or pray that Mother Earth swallows me immediately after they are revealed!

  2. Hi there Sumitra. First timer here and some really good writing! :)
    Definitely going to add you onto my blog roll.

  3. My confessions would be a book, not just a comment or post. :/

  4. Hhaha, such a cute post :) Like Spiff, my confessions would probably run to pages as well!! Not that I'm proud of it!

  5. He he :) I have a whole lot like this.. Just to say the one from the top of my head is that I lost a new pen that was very cute and writes so softly on the paper that you never wanna stop writing. My dad had warned me to keep it careful but I lost it the next day I got it. I never told anyone, but managed with an old pen until everyone forgot about that nice pen.

  6. @CD: Haha, yeah I was pretty scared. And common, your confessions can't be that bad. Not the useless ones at least :) Welcome to The Daily Moo!

    @PJ: Thank you! And you're always welcome here. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll it's an honour. :)

    @Spiff: That would be one interesting book to read ;)

    @Sruthi: Thanks! Everybody has tons of confessions to make, so that's okay. I'm just picking out the really silly ones here :D

    @Mr. Bhatia: Thank you!

    @Keirthana: Wasn't it relieving when you did something naughty and it went unnoticed. Those were some rare, precious moments. Although if I were you I would be very sad about losing the pen because of how much I love stationery :D

  7. Ha ha ha :) :) Nice one Sumithra :) If i want to confess the things it will be infinite :) he he!! I have lied about some marks to my mom in school and put my dad's signature many a times without his consent :P :P

  8. One of my earliest memories just came back to me when I was reading your post.

    I was a new-born kid traveling with my mum. It was my mum's first flight and she was obviously very excited. Middle of the journey, she says, she saw a small cute girl walk up in the aisle and ask something to the airhostess. She doesn't remember much after that. A few minutes later, out of the blue, I burst out crying loudly. My mom looked down to see my diaper was wet and shouted at me for embarassing her on the plane. She blamed me for wetting her saree too. Maybe all this noise scared the small girl as she ran away like crazy. That day, mom, I was too young to talk but today I want to confess that I really had not wet my diaper, I was a nice kid and behaving myself.. I really dont know where all that water fell on me from :(

    BTW, Sumitra do you know which flight you were traveling on? I see some missing link here.. :)

  9. hahaha!! that was some flight, huh? And very nice post indeed...

  10. ha ha ha :) things that we do and believe as kids :) :)

  11. @Ravi: Thanks! Ahh, we've all tried to hide that report card now, haven't we? :D

    @Vikas: Very nicely done, very creative :) You know, now that I think of it, I might just have tossed that cup of water into a little baby's diaper. ;)

    @Nirvana: Yup, some flight indeed! Thanks!

    @Purvi: hehe, yeah :)

  12. LOL
    This is so cute! :)
    Love the way you write, lady!