Feb 26, 2009

enchanting melody..

7.54 am.. came in to work early today and loving it. its so nice to be the only one on the floor, surfing the net, catching up on other's blogs, eating my cereal with hot, sweet milk..just puts me in the mood to write stuff.

mmm.. i just love cornflakes.. so yummy! there's also a bhajan that i love to listen to in the mornings, calms me down and puts me into a really good, peaceful mood, the song as well as the lyrics. you can listen to it here with translations:

i'm listening to it right now and i feel amazing. it's so true that there is definitely a music for every mood and occasion.

there's just something so divine about waking up at 5 in the morning, cleaning your home, having a bath, doing pooja, lighting incense sticks (agarbatti) and playing some bhajans like Bhaja Govindam, Hanuman Chalisa, anything by M.S. Subbulakshmi. I just love her voice, it's simply.. 'divine'. there's no better word to describe the quality of her music. Out of the thousand odd renditions you can find of a particular song, her's is always beyond comparison, beyond praise, a truly spiritual expericence. hmmm... i can just imagine the feeling of peacefulness it brings...

when i work i like listening to something more fast paced, racy.. really gets me into the swing of things.. bollywood music is perfect for this, and also Hip Hop/Rap sometimes..

if its a weekend and i'm at home, the after-lunch period is such a nice, lazy time. i like playing some soft ghazals in the background, preferably jagjit singh, and curling up with a book in hand..

romantic evenings with a loved one are definitely accentuated by jazz. i love spending some lovely, quality time with my husband out in the balcony watching the sun set, sipping coffee or tea and listening to Nat King Cole, Norah Jones, Louis Armstrong.. tracks like 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', 'What a Wonderful World'.. hmmmmm.. or 'The Way You Look Tonight', 'Love Me Tender' while enjoying a nice, quiet dinner by candlelight.. :-)

when it's night and time to sleep, i love listening to old classic hindi singers like Rafi, Asha, Kishore, Lata.. crooning away from an old radio in a corner of the room, interrupted now and then by the voice of the Vividh Bharathi person. that just brings back old childhood memories, i can smilingly, happily, drift away to fairy-land and spend a comfortable 8 hours there...

ofcourse i don't do all of this everyday.. or everyday would be an ideal day where there are no hassles, no mood-swings, no tempers and no conflicts. which is really not possible. but the days when i do remember to listen to some of this music are definitely apart from the rest..

i guess i would like to dedicate this post to all the musicians of the world who concoct all these wonderful tunes, filling our days with rhythm and melody, making our lives that much more beautiful and romantic..

and i would like to particularly dedicate this post to A.R.Rahman, not only for winning the Oscar for Jai Ho (Slumdog Millionaire), but for all these years of beautiful music this genius has been creating, purely for our listening pleasure.. hats off to you sir!!!

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  1. Beautiful post... :) Music connects to the soul, in every possible sense. I liked the way you described its importance in ur life at different times. And yes, M.S was such an awe-inspiring woman..I remember waking up to her Bhajans, the name of which I dont know right now, very famous ones though. Brought back memories of my childhood. :)