Feb 12, 2009

horrible headaches

my head is pounding so badly.. i think it would hurt less if i chopped it into a million pieces, stuffed it in a bag and threw into a jaw crusher.

doc says it might be a stress related ache. so im at home trying to rest.. but looks like im addicted to blogging now. couldnt keep myself away for long.

there was this ayurvedic program on TV earlier about headaches. i thought i might get some tips to help me, but this guy said u have to take tulsi powder and inhale it up ur nose. hearing that kind of made my head ache some more..

i wonder what makes an interesting blog? i wonder why people would be interested to read that i have a headache today. or a ear ache tomorrow. why do people write about such stuff.. what could be remotely interesting about the mundane events of the everyday lives of people? and yet so many people blog about it and so many others read these blogs.. ours is a weird generation. maybe we derive comfort when we read about other's lives and find some sense of familiarity, to know that we are not alone..

ok.. im just rambling on about nothing. should try to do this some other time..

1 comment:

  1. Welcome back...sumi...
    not to anything else to ur own addiction to blog..
    i m happy that u r back...
    i had the same thought when i started blogging about my day 2day things and i think it’s nice place to write anything n everything cos ...u don’t get judged here. no one is being judgemental and u r free to say what u want to without thinking what will others say...is nt it..