Feb 21, 2009

i changed the name of my blog apparently, though it may not be quite evident as to why i did so. there's no big reason or logic behind this, mostly its because nikhil did the nice chocolate theme for me that i couldn't stop drooling over, and i am addicted to all forms of chocolate and the old title wasn't fitting into the header nicely.. so there!

addiction is a strong word, yet a subtle phenomenon. u begin to do something casually, then enjoy it so you want to do it again.. and then begin to like it and do it a lot, all the time unaware of how often u are beginning to do it.. and it really does take a while before you realise that you have a new 'habit' that you are unable to get rid of.. while the worst addictions are ofcourse alcohol and drugs, people could be addicted to almost anything at all from coffee, to TV, to the internet, food and oh yes, chocolates! and sometimes to other people as well..

am i addicted to anything? why shamelessly i must say, yes. but why should i be shameful of it anyway? it's not like no one else has ever been addicted to anything at all. we all go through it at some point of time and i suppose its something we must all learn to deal with. surprisingly though, my addictions seem to change with time. it seems to me that i come to love doing something so much that i do it so repeatedly and so often that a point would come when im bored and need to look for a new addiction..

when i was a kid, i was addicted to chocolates.
when i was in college, i was addicted to harry potter.
until a few months ago, i was addicted to the show "Friends"
i now suspect i may be addicted to my husband.

i guess the worst that i've ever been through was a food addiction.. coz its made me struggle with my weight on and off.. time and again.. and i guess in a way, addictions never really go away.. they just die down for a while and surface at a later stage in life. i'm rediscovering my love for chocolates and harry potter right now..

can we ever get over an addiction? i'm not sure. i don't really know the answer to that. can we learn to live so that it doesn't affect us drastically? i think the answer to that one is .. yes.


  1. Getting rid of addiction! Why would anyone wanna do that of all the things? Its good to have addictions in ur life as long as they are on a good side, I dont think murli will mind ur latest addiction :P However... why is it that I see that the background color has changed from light brown to complete white?

  2. hey wht u call addiction, i call passion and i guess thts the whole point of living ;)